Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Roots: In the beginning.

In the beginning:

It began like it all does with an idea, on the beaches of the great city of Chicago. The idea blossomed in  early 2012, with a good friend Tyler. Together we came up with the name The Wanderlust Collective, a perfect name for expressing our desire to see the world and take inspiration from everything, everywhere, and everyone.

~As we all know, things change and life creates obstacles for us to overcome, but all we can hope is that there is something bigger and better awaiting us in the future. A confidence that the struggles in life are only to bring us into something more extraordinary.~

Now, that i'm back in Chicago I run this blog with my two roommates Carlee and Corrin. It just so happens about a year ago in the same city, they were conspiring ideas with similar intentions; aiming to start a blog called The Heart of the City (but is already a hip-hop blog in Chicago). Almost identical to The Wanderlust Collective, The Heart of the City would aim to collaborate and feature art of all kinds. Once we all reconnected and shared our stories, trials and tribulations of the past year, we came to find that we shared a love for promoting the beauty and craft in all art forms. We realized that all of the failed attempts to materialize this blog were there only to lead us into this beautiful collaboration we have now begun. 

The intention of The Wanderlust Collective is to promote unknown and upcoming artists of our time and generation, the artists of today and of tomorrow. It's a way for all creators to come together to collaborate and to utilize each others artistic skills; a blog about the voices wanting to be heard through all art mediums.

-Audrey, Carlee and Corrin for The Wanderlust Collective

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